Marx- Das Kapital, Section II

This section is quite short, containing only three chapters with zero sub-chapters and is also relatively simple to follow. Really a lot of it is setting up the whole idea of labour-power as a commodity that’ll be applied more extensively through the rest of the book. Anyways, it’s quite a simple section for a change.
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Marx- Das Kapital, Section I

I read this quite some time ago, and so the notes might not be exactly the most well-organised. In any case, it is known to be hardest part of the book and it’s difficult not to see why, but most of it feels like it’s talking about concepts that’ll be used later on into the book. It becomes clearer as it goes on from what I’ve seen. Over to you.
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Marx/Engels- The Communist Manifesto

Quick notes only this time, as this is a relatively straightfoward text. Has some great prose but not a lot of super interesting or new points. For me, at least the objections to the bourgeoisie in the second section of the book was relatively interesting. The paginations refer to the version you can find on (here) and the translation used is Samuel Moore’s translation (which was approved by Engels himself).
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